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Circus Zanzara blinks with here completely own humor to the big circuses and know to fascinate there spectators from the beginning unto the end.
Circus Zanzara for sure is one of de smallest family-circuses from Europe and if not, for sure from the Netherlands.
Only four artist and a ‘boffin-adolescent’ make this fluent cozy and humorous family-show, in a big and a real “in Fellini style” furnished circus tent.
Beyond the four artists there are of course the animal-artists and naturally they fit to circus and are ordinary Dutch domestic animals like, horses, dogs and ducks, They are the big stars in de circus ring.
It became a flowing and humorous show wherein Jans the daughter represents a number of real circus- techniques like hoela-hoop and trapeze.
Harry ,as strong as a horse, is nurturing the dog-dressage and Paulo en Mayka, by which acrobatic stunts and animals in abundance are on hand, they cause thru there characteristic (street-theatre like) humor a unforgettable experience for young but above all also older people.
Circus act friespaard
Blue Dream
Circus tent
Two masts 
22 x 24 meters Height: 7 meters
Diameter playground: 7 meters Colour outside: blue Colour inside: dark blue
1 day
90 m.
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