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Fruits de Mer

How unbearable it is to have to live with an eternal longing for the unattainable ! To be earth and wish to be water. To be water and dream about land

."Fruits de Mer" is the wonderful story about the love between a circus director and a mermaid. It is the story of the encounter between land and water. The director, bound to the land, cherishes his dreams of oceans and naiads.

circustheater I am alone
And where water and land finally meet desire changes in to a new animation.
The merrnaid, emprisoned in the sea, longs to rise to the surface and to walk about on two legs. Director and mermaid, land and water, meet and their desires grow into reality.
circustheatre neptunes
"Fruits de mer" is a kind of circus theatre, in which many art forms converge to constitute an exciting entity. An expressive performance, concerning desire and inspiration, dreams and life.
circustheatre octopus
He: bound to earth, ever dreaming of water-reflections, see, siren en nymph.
1 day
90 m.
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