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about Circus Zanzara
about Circus Zanzara

For many years, Paulo and Mayka have been working in international circuses, musicals, ballets and operas and with Frisian-horses they Qualify theirs self in mime, clowning, acrobatic, juggling ,animals, entertainment and steet theatre, . In l99O, however, having acquired a wealth of experience, they decided to start for their own. This was done and Holland's smallest circus was born. Not a real circus, though, circus-theatre would be a better term. To the notion of theatre, the two give a highly personal interpretation. They work a lot with living animals and put on very multifaceted shows. Beside the circus theatre, they practice street theatre, animation's, interludes, puppet shows, platform acts, and they organize trainings for young and old. Mayka performs a nice fairy-like puppet show, but she is, at the same time, an actress and an acrobat and she knows her way about in the world of dressage. In her entr'acts she is assertive and coquettish, chatty and rude, but then she may also be very sweet. Paulo, who initially was a furniture maker, is now as many-sided as is Mayka. When playing a mime clown, he is clumsy and inept, ponder ate and inscrutable. But that same Paulo can also be a smooth customer, a smirk on his face, in a glittering suit, or an agile acrobat and a skilful animal trainer. Paulo en Mayka make theatre because they like it. Adult theatre, that is very accessible to children, child theatre, that adults may easily get completely merged in. Animalsoap The sun rises in the East: a new day is dawning. Merrily, Daan and Dirkje lay the table. ut when, after having said their prayers, they fetch the breadbasket, it proves to be all empty.

They never were rich in their hurnble life, but this time they are flat broke and starvation lies in wait for them. Daan and Dirkje, surrounded by their animals, are stricken with grief. They look for a way out and pray for a solution. Eventually, however, selling their beloved animals seems to be the only way out of their difficulties. But it is the hardest decision they have ever had to take in their whole life. Starvation and death, or the renunciation of their only valuable possessions... But then the horses and the dogs, the duck and the goat, the pig, the rabbit and the sheep turn out to have their own ideas. They don't take things for granted and follow their own initiative .Paulo, Mayka, Willy, Wendy, Daan and Dirkje, all of them are ready to play for you. Single or as a couple, with or without a dog. They welcome people, inaugurate an art gallery, open a new building, check up things, or kindly show their way to those who want to know it. Alienating, relaxing, queer. But at the same time playful, light-hearted or, on the contrary, with a solemn pitch. "Among people" is a determinative element, joyful or serious, of the atmosphere and fits in well with festivals, inaugurations, dinners, parties, or with any other occasion. The short acts give an unofficial touch to an official event. Discreet and unobtrusive, but never unnoticed.
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