Paulo and Mayka

Paulo and Mayka make theatre because they like it. Adult theatre, that is very accessible to children, child theatre, that adults may easily get completely merged in.
For many years, Paulo and Mayka have been working in international circusses, musicals, ballets and operas. In l99O, however, having acquired a wealth of experience, they decided to start for their own. This was done and Holland's smallest circus was born. Not a real circus, though, circus-theatre would be a better term. To the notion of theatre, the two give a highly personal interpretation. They work a lot with living animals and put on very multifaceted shows. Beside the circus theatre, they practise street theatre, animations, interludes, puppet shows, platform acts, and they organize trainings for young and old.
In the past all circus and circustheatre projects of Paulo & Mayka where carried out under the name Circustheater "Blue Dream" In 2002 they organized a camping side circus tour with the name
“Circus Zanzara” And with Circus Zanzara they organized a number of festal circus-theatre projects for companies.
In the future all circus and circustheatre projects will be carried out under the name Circus Zanzara, and all the streettheatre,
puppettheatre and entertainment will be carried out under the name Paulo & Mayka.
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