As a team building up a real circus big-top with really every thing that belongs to a circus, Stay overnights with the circus in caravans and authentic caravans. Working all together in a group towards a experience that shows new horizons. Making throughout professional workshops and workouts full of acrobatics, juggling, improvisation and trapeze routines. Jump in the circus-arena and experience the truest circus-life.
The first physical activity is to build entire circus Big-top.
A Big-top 22 X 24 meter and a height of ± 7,5 meter complete with furnishing. (grand stand, ring, artists-entrance, light -and sound system)
A collectively project that demands co-ordination, concentration, perception. collaboration and physical effort.
A challenge with a spectacular result!, Out of nothing there is a circus-bastion and who is from now the centre of all coming activities.

The physical strains and collaboration to work on the Big-top gives the participants a really strong bond one another.
To build a Big-top is a salted survival but gives a visual and palpable final-result achieved through out the whole team.
This is a substantial occurrence it makes the team solid and self-assured, individually but even more important more self-assured as ensemble.

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