scene the broome
Lout acts

An Interlude fits in everywhere and at every occasion. It is short, performed to music without any text and has a high rate of slap-stick. A welcome breathing space during official meetings.

De Liefde
Two people meet. How do they like each other? Well, it's a rather toilsome affair. He is clumsy, she coquettish. He rings her up, she comes. Things should get moving, she thinks. So does he, but he doesn't know how to manage. They finally do find each other, although in a quite unexpected way.
Man en bezem
This is about the relation between a man and his broom. A fine interaction between passionate dance and clumsy, Charlie Chaplin-like fumbling. The man is a stumbling, and yet engaging bungler. The broom decides at any unexpected moment to fall into pieces. Man and broom, involved in a mutual struggle for life. A choreographic show that will conjure up a broad smile on many faces.
scene first love
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