What make’s the circus-survival concept special is that the participants have to live three days (two nights) in a frugal environment where almost all aspects from circus-live gets a change. Characteristic for live in a circus is that conflicts and peevishness comes up in hurry-scurry but also are solved with the same speed because everybody is extremely dependent from one to they other. And because everybody collectively feels responsible for hole “circus” for a period of three day’s, its is almost impossible to withdraw. Also true the facts that the meals are always dined together and the special jim-jams who arise by the approach of the final-presentation in the real circus-ring, the intense experience makes that the participants afterwards are longing back to this (intensive en concentrated co-operation with a team towards a collective goal) experience.
The first workshop always is a collective workshop acrobatics. From there they get later on workshops in other specialist circus-routines. (e.g. juggling, rope-dancing, clowning, cascade, trapeze, equilibrate, antipode, conjure and if possible, animal-dressage)
The section acrobatics contains all basic-elements that are also essential for all other routines and is giving the best opportunity these elements so fundamental as possible to treat (they literally experience, feel and see).
The most important goal for giving these workshops is to learn and associate with balance, trust, tempo and detente, and the influence of these elements on the psyche from the participants.
Every workshop has the affect of a mini survival and because of that its is easy to work in a very positive way to gain ground on there self confidence.
While the participants put their minds on learning skills, tricks and vanquish fears and insecurity, the goal of the workshops is to work on a well-balanced personality by working elementary on (personal) balance, trust, relaxation, tempo and co-operation. This knowledge is crucial for a good collaboration.
later on they get more specialized workshops with reference to the particular circus routines, presentation en theater/circus skills.
The underlying aim is the awaking of: charisma, presentation en personal body- language.

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