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Circus still breathes an atmosphere of romance and excitement. That is why, for many people, their secret fantasy is once to enter into the world of circus life.

In their professional circus trainings, Paulo and Mayka fulfil this fantasy. They start to teach the elementary things, the trainingsaiming chiefly at involvement, balance, confidence, cooperation, rhythm and consciousness. An experience that opens up new horizons and always yields surprising results, both for young and old, for school children and business people.
workshop acrobatics
Now you are going to be yourself a circus performer: you will learn how to build up a circus tent, pass the night in a caravan, work 3 days together with others in order to realize a big show full of acrobatics, Juggling, improvisations and trapeze tricks.... Step into the ring and experience the real circus life!
teambuilding break
circus training
It may seem to be impossible, but after a short explanation and under professional supervision, you too can master a real acrobatic trick.
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