streettheatre show Pas de Deux
Pas de Deux
A spectacular act involving a woman and a man, her dog and his horse (a real one !), and Charlie, the man in the crowd, who will save the show and her man'. In this act, the audience will face the reverse side of the artist's existence: her pinching shoes..., his quietness when assisting her..., and the big black horse, assisting the assistant. Fortunately, Charlie is always there, he is her help and stay, her noble knight.
How little this man knew, that very morning, when drinking coffee with his misses, that he would be capable of this exploit: being a hero, the one who straightens out all unhappy events - up to the glorious finale, when her man' and Charlie triumph as real toreadors
friesian horses
streettheatre act Pas de Deux
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60 m.
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