thinker wagon
The tower bell is ringing: the dawning of a new day. She is always up early. He, however, prefers to pull again the blankets over his head. As fresh as a daisy, she starts the early day routines... In the meantime, shouldn't he awaken from his sweet dreams and mingle with the ordinary mortals? Fortunately, there is no need for him to decide all this by himself: she knowswho she is dealing with and starts shaking
their authentic English caravan, making him tumble out of his snug little bed. Of course, there is a nice hot cup of coffee awaiting him - or isn't there ...? Briefly, what we see here is a very familiar mime act, in a heartwarming setting. Every family will recognize their struggle for life, dished up with a bit of acrobatics, a drip of water, a good deal of humor and, of course, lots of coffee
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