Harrie Harrewar
migratory along fields and meadows, from fairs onto marketplaces, the clumsy, dull showman shoving by his AD-HD dog is trying to sell his merchandise.
Every year again the people look out whit eager to this pair, and not only on account of their commerce but also because of the comical combat amongst the dull boss and his restless dog.
gradually the dog gets more and more enthusiastic and starts to go his one way.
And when finely the ducks waggly come in to the battle the showman almost goes under. But because of the tranquility from the showman every thing works out well for this inseparables little troupe and they will migratory further to the next fair.

There is a possibility to take a look behind the scenes to extend the door act with a demonstration dog- dressage, sheep / duck livestock handling where in children and attendance can participate.

Harry, the good-natured showman with a big body, always trudge behind his ancient handcart. He clownish exploits situation by consistently walks behind the actualities
Tara is a energetic work-dog, a Working Kelpie from Australia, who is willing to please his leader. It makes no difference if she has to collect the sheeps, ducks ore has to jump over a bunch of children, ore even steel the hat from his boss. Life is beautiful for her if she is asked to work.
Tara have beside her zest for work a extraordinary gentle character. in use of this gentle character they can help children to get away there fear for dogs.
Also the Indian-ducks that look like they just waddle out of a oblong distortion mirror, provide a unexpected surprising outcome

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