The children-performance "De Puppet-chair" is a tell / puppet-show. Grandfather is sleeping in a giant armchair. The men promised to read out the book " Let’s Go home, Little Bear " by Martin Waddell.
Fortunately the little dog from this men lives inside of his giant armchair. When the little dog finally manage to wake up the sleeping men to read out the book, he has no time, first he has to pass the lost time and do his little house jobs like sweeping, gathering wood for the fire and collect water.
They start to do the work together, and when they audience starts to help by singing work-songs the work turns into fun. And between al the little house-jobs the promise of reading out the book will will get done

mim vertel/poppen
inclusief eigen geluid en licht
Speelvlak: 8 x 5 meter
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45m. 40 m.
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