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Our aim is to stimulate the participants to develop a contemporary opinion towards the comprehension circus and propagate this in a genuine circus-show. During the process We always look for already acquired knowledge who are note automatically associated with traditional circus but can be integrated in a contemporary circus.


They final-performance is not based on a indisputably canvas and will not be dictated studied. In practice the themes are worked out and inspired by the improvisations who are made in the beginning of the workshops.
We don’t aim that a juggler throws five balls instead of four or the rope-walker walks 10 meter height loopt instead of 5.
More important elements are: presentation, enjoyment, creativeness, in they final-performance radiate that he is performed with pleasure and supported by a solid team.
Acquired (circus)skills can by a great support throughout they presentation, because the skills feel like a companion where you can trust on.
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