The main characters In this story are Froe-froe and his little dog. When they make a journey to the sea they ended up far under the sea level. In the kingdom where the rules sea- king, "assisted "by a wicked sea- doctor, who even gets nasty when it starts to look like that a scrubby little doggy is able to cure the daughter of the sea-king. Something he was not able to do...
the sea-doctor is a big loser in this story . even his last trick fails, when he tries to point out Froe- Froe and his little doggy the wrong way back home who leads along the residency of the dragon.... The little dog manage together with the children scare the dragon so much, that the dragon flees with such a speed as only a dragon can run. They don’t win by a heroic battle but the result is the same. And that is what madders.
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