colage puppet theatre
Froe Froe en de zeebubbels
A show in which children play the leading part, and that will take them beyond the boundaries of fantasy to worlds unknown. Three exciting voyages of discovery with self-made puppets.
Far, far away, deep down under the surface of the sea, dwells the Sea King. Frou Frou and his doggy descend into the ocean's depths to pay a visit to the wondrous realm of this strange King.
Diepe wereld
A boy lands up, together with his dog, in the dark and mysterious world of the underground sewer system. far away from the familiar world up above, they live through a great adventure.
Froe Froe en de toverappel
A clown and his faithful doggy have a thrilling adventure. Together, they travel around the world, in order to find the princess's magic apple.
4 t/m
12 j.
60 m.
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